Lapel pins...a worthy fashion accessory?
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I'm looking for distinctive lapel pins, preferably silver. Help!

I'm sure we've all seen the movies where that one guy wears a cool but subtle pin on his lapel that doesn't seem significant until the end of the movie. Well, I'd like something of that nature! I think silver (polished) would probably be a good medium here, preferably, since it rules out the very cheaply anodized ones that rust and flake. Preferably all silver, black is fine as a secondary color but others would probably clash.

So far I've come up with one I really like( Shin-Ra Pin) but I'm curious what's out there. It doesn't need to be actually meaningful, just good-looking (in fact, this is what makes lapel pins hard to search for...the really cheap ones, and the ones for specific organizations that wouldn't make sense for just anyone to wear!).

Hope you guys have some sources or ideas, thanks!
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Lots of distinctive sterling silver lapel pins here.
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So, this is to be a cool-but-subtle pin that gains significance at the end of your personal movie... but when and how does your movie end? Not too soon, I hope. Is it a spy flick? A Tom Hanks movie? Are you righteous? Enigmatic? An old-school hero?

There are over 4,300 of them on eBay at the moment. Yes, most of them are too colorful, or specific to fraternal organizations, to count as suave, but you can search within a category or sub-category to further restrict your results. In this case, I fear it's all about browsing for what catches your eye. Cool to you is not necessarily cool to me. This little spoon is awesome, I dare say. On this side of the pond, this ARP badge is pretty obscure, and would give something engaging to talk about (see Air Raid Precautions). Obscure campaigns could be of interest. This pin will be recognized by Masons everywhere as a secret sign, while stupid regular folks will think it's a blue flower. Me, I like historical things. Oh, this is rather nice.
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Some very eccentric ones on etsy.
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