Girly Product Comparisons
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Are there any magazines or websites which provide comparisons/recommendations for girly grooming products?

Whenever I see recommendations in the major women's magazines, they seem to be tied to whoever bought ads in that issue, so I don't trust the (for lack of a better term) journalistic integrity of those recommendations.

Are there any magazines or websites which somewhat-objectively compare different products (shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, make-up, nail clippers, etc.)?
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makeup alley has tons of makeup and product reviews
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Best answer: Seconding Makeupalley ( There are reviews for every product imaginable, by actual users, not people who are paid to advertise the product.

You also might try that old faithful standby, Consumer Reports.
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Makeup Alley is great. Paula Begoun, I appreciated her no-bullshit approach to personal care products even though I'm totally all about the shiny packaging and pretty smells--until she started shilling her own line. Now I don't trust her.
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Best answer: I like this site, which I think was linked to somewhere on AskMe. Imagine dooce writing beauty articles. It has some of the comparison stuff you want, but I like it for the step by step illustrated tutorials. It's theoretically aimed towards ladies with kids, but I'm 18 and still find plenty that applies to me.
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MUA, yay!
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