SIM card in downtown Seattle?
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Where can I get a prepaid SIM card in downtown Seattle?

I'm heading down to Seattle for a couple days this week and would like to pick up a cheap SIM card to use in my unlocked Blackberry Pearl (since roaming with my Canadian cell provider is EXPENSIVE). I'll be using it for the duration of my stay in Seattle but would also like to hold onto it for future trips to the US. If I'd had more forethought I could have purchased one on eBay, but now it's too late as I'm leaving on Wednesday morning.

I'll be staying near Pike Place Market, so the closer to there the better. And bonus points if you tell me where I could buy a T-Mobile SIM, specifically. I've heard that if I buy $100 worth of T-Mobile minutes they last much longer before expiring.
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Theres a Cingular store just a block or two north of the pike place market on Western Ave.
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There is a T-Mobile store on 6th Ave between Pike and Pine Streets, which is just a few blocks away from the market.

I don't know whether or not they sell prepaid minutes/SIMs, but it would probably be a good place to check.
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you can try to find something at westlake center, a shopping mall most definitely within walking distance.
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Hard to get just a SIM in the US. Buy a prepaid phone at Walmart, grab the cheapest one, throw the phone away or lug it around to sell later. Tmobile can activate on your phone using the SIM instantly.
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Oh, and yes, the $100 gives you 1000 minutes and they don't expire for a year. When you activate the sim just load the $100 right away.
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FYI, Best Buy stores equipped with a Best Buy Mobile mini-store now carry prepaid SIM cards that don't expire for fairly cheap.
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