The poison oak, it burns.
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How can I clean lingering poison oak/urushiol residue off of my Timberland boots without damaging the suede?

I know they sell leather/suede cleaner and stuff, but I'm more concerned about killing the evil poison once and for all.
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I use fels naptha soap for all my poison oak needs, but on suede I would use pure deodorized mineral spirits,blot it on with a sponge or spray bottle, and then wait for it to dry.
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My wife uses a product called Tecnu, it looks like they say it's safe for leather, but I'm not sure about suede.

Tecnu is designed to destroy or wash away urushiol.
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My anecodtal evidence suggests alcohol or dish soap as effective at removing poison-oak oils. I do not know what those will do to suede. Test patch?
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The active ingredient in Tecnu is mineral spirit.
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Best answer: I use tecnu on Vasque suede hiking boots, and it works fine. Occasionally I restore the suede with a suede brush afterwards.
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