How can I find the registration info for a lapsed domain name?
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How can I get registration information for a domain name that is expired?

I have a friend who is in a legal dispute with someone. If there is some way for him to conclusively prove that a particular domain name was taken out by this person, it would be helpful to him in the dispute. However, the domain is lapsed and there is no whois information. Is this information on file somewhere? The site was registered in late 2005 or early 2006 and expired a year subsequent to that.
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Try Domain History from Domain Tools / Name Intellingence.
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Oh, I should mention, Domain History is not free.
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Response by poster: thanks, richardp. signed up for free trial and got some info, but it was privately registered through godaddy and a company called domainsbyproxy. is there a way to get the actual registrant info without a court order?
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Lapsed domain names seem strangely akin to mortgaged Monopoly properties belonging to other players.
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For a legal dispute, I would imagine that a registrar would respond to a subpoena. A lawyer letter may not give you the same, but it might exceed what you can get from a third party website.
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DomainsByProxy is just GoDaddy's name for their "private registration" service.
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