Where to find "Wrigley's Doublemint Kona Creme" gum?
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I want to buy a pack or two of "Wrigley's Doublemint Kona Creme" gum within the next 24 hours (for my MIL's birthday), but I can't find it anywhere! L'il help, mefites?

So she says she's been looking for this gum for about a month, and I've tried all the usual suspects: Target, WalMart, various drugstores, the local 7-Eleven, etc. all with no luck. All the google-hits are from mid-to-late 2006. The only other collection of caffeinated gums I know of are available at thinkgeek.com

Thought I'd throw a 'Hail Mary' and see if anyone is a fan and has seen "Wrigley's Doublemint Kona Creme" or a similar coffee-flavored chewing gum.
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It was a regional trial release only; they had it in Kansas City, MO when I was there last year, but I never saw it anywhere else. I'm pretty sure I heard it had been withdrawn, but can't track down the link.
(I know that ask is meant for helpful answers only, but - Kona Creme was the nastiest flavoured gum I've ever tried.)
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I wonder if it's still being sold in China.
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I've seen it around Buffalo recently. Gas stations and shady city corner stores, though, so who knows where it came from...
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Response by poster: Buffalo, eh?

wild_eep is in Rochester.

Kellydamnit, can you offer some specifics?
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According to this article from 2006, the gum was made available in 7-Eleven stores nationwide... but I don't know if it's since been withdrawn. 7-Eleven-type convenience stores are usually my go-to source for candy and gum, so if it's not there it's probably no longer available.

(I agree with scruss, though... Kona Creme was a really gross gum, even for my adventurous junk-food palate. Also, it looks like the gum's not actually caffeinated.)
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Response by poster: Metroid Baby, your research is consistent with my observations. I live within sight of a 7-Eleven, and they lady behind the counter had no idea what I was talking about.

For the record, I have no idea if my MIL is genuinely interested in the taste, or if she's looking for a gag item to offer to her friends at work.
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I got mine in a Walgreen's, so it wasn't just 7-11.

It's definitely a gag item, Wild_Eep; it certainly made me ...
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I got it at a Walgreens in Baltimore, this time last year. Add me to the list of folks that wouldn't recommend it .
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Have you checked at a dollar store? They usually have candy that's on the way out.
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I know you said 24 hours, but it is on ebay.
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Kellydamnit, can you offer some specifics

Sorry for the delay... I last saw it at Allen St. Trading Co (Allen and Delaware Ave)
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