Pictures of your mama, taken by your papa, a long time ago
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I found some great old Christmas photos. What are some creative ways to turn them into cool Christmas gifts?

They're of my dad and his siblings (my uncle and aunts), and the time period is the late 60's to early 70s.

I don't have the actual photos, just these scans. I thought about making them into Christmas cards via Other ideas were calendars and coffee mugs. Are there any online retailers that can turn them into gifts by Christmas? Any other ideas that I can do myself?
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Snapfish and Shutterfly have lots of options (and turn around very very quickly - mere days).
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Just framing them is a simple, but awesome gift.

You could also get five identical frames so that they can be hung in a group on the wall. Plain black is best.

If that seems too brick-and-mortar, take the pictures and add "dialogue bubbles" with made up snarky conversations.

Or, have them turned into magnets.
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being a Mac guy I would scan them, import them into iPhoto, create a photo book and order it. simple, and it always gets an amazing reaction.

if you're not a Mac guy-- I've also tried a few online services that do similar things with good results. have a look at:
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You could upload one, or more, of your favorites to the US Post Office website and make custom postage stamps for your Christmas cards. I think the minimum order is 20 of each picture.
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Response by poster: in case anyone was wondering, i ended up making them into christmas cards, using they turned out to be a big hit!
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