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How can I make the ellipses in the captions under the icons on the Windows desktop go away and have the unabbreviated file name shown instead?

When you select an icon on the desktop, you get to see the whole file name, but unselected icons have their captions truncated. Is there a setting to always display the whole caption?
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Go to display properties (right click on blank part of desktop), and select the Appearance Tab. Select the Advanced box and you can change how much space the text has by altering the 'Icon Spacing Horizontal'
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Response by poster: Thanks. I tried it and Windows told me to "Please Wait" and when it was done a number of seconds later, nothing had changed.
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Just wanted to say that I tried it too, the Please Wait came up, and when it was done nothing had changed...until I restarted my machine! Once it came back from the restart, the icons all had the intended change.
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You might need to refresh the desktop to make this work....
posted by sdevans at 12:51 AM on November 27, 2007

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