Where to find an awesome modern turntable?
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Where can I find a kick ass turntable with built in speakers?

I've scoured Target and K-Mart and while the results are pretty promising, I'm thinking that there have to be some websites out there with funky, contemporary versions of turntables with built in speakers. I'm not looking for anything too fancy, but let's say that theoretically right now, price is isn't an issue. I'd like to find something that can be both functional and decorative. And maybe just cool enough to get me laid.
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I'm a little confused. What are your goals here? Define "kick ass."

As a general rule, no even halfway-decent turntable has built-in speakers. And LPs are such a bear to use, unless you're interested in their sound (without getting into an argument on analog vs digital) it's hard to imagine why you'd want to deal with them.

If you just want retro looks, why not just get something that looks like a turntable but is actually a CD player, or better yet, that you can wire into your MP3 player or some other arbitrary source?

If you're serious about vinyl, you'd be better served by getting an actual standalone turntable, with a preamp, and then connecting that to either your existing stereo or to some self-powered speakers.

Or if your budget is limited, go to any big yard/tag sale and pick up an old bookshelf system. Some of those, particularly the ones from the late 60s and early 70s, had decent turntables and nice-sounding solid-state amplification, and they have a (now) neat retro look. I'm partial to old H.H. Scott gear myself. If you can get the original speakers, awesome, if not, you can use any 8-ohm ones you want.
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If you don't care for your records get whatever looks good and I have no problem with this :) If, y'know, you're kind of into records, either of these two can be hooked up to your stereo or a set of computer speakers and will be bunches better than the ones at Target.

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My limited understanding tells me you want the turntable as isolated from the speakers as possible for feedback / record skipping purposes?
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Response by poster: Er... No. This is a purely superficial endeavor.
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Thrift stores. In some places you can trip over integrated turn tables all day long. Some have fancy cabinets. Generally these are referred to as "console stereos" and can be as large as a casket, or as small as a suit case.

For a while I had a few hanging around which I found at old dusty antique shops and I used one cherry cabinet as a hamper (after gutting the useless electronics.)

I don't know about "kick ass" (doesn't sound like you do either) so I'd say don't blow your entire allowance... $10 tops.

And maybe just cool enough to get me laid.

Um. Yeah.
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The word you're looking for is 'Dansette'. Steepletone make a modern day alternative.
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Try this keyword search of Red Ferret (.net).
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Since "this is a purely superficial endeavor", perhaps you might be one of the few who can make use of a Vinyl Killer.

I mean, come on, a wee VW Bus that drives around on your record, playing music? How cool is that? Of course, it will jack up your records, but it sounds like that's not a huge concern.
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You might find something in a thift shop. They were popular in days passed.

Here's one on eBay.

Sound quality? What's that?
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a few turntables, reviewed (seconded on the numark and vestax, they have internal speakers)
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I've been rocking the Vestax portable for a few years. It's nice and small and you can get good sound if you hook it up to external speakers. Unhooked up it's pretty quiet, but it has great battery life. 60+ hours on 6 D's.

Some of my friends have the Numark and some of them have suffered from an unsteady rotation thus making the music warbly and somewhat unlistenable. But that might just be a rare case or two.
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You already found the Crosleys (another link). I don't know what they sound like, (mediocre at best, I guess) but they look cool in a retro way.

But if you want to take better care of your records, get a TT without speakers. Maybe the Ion USB table would be the thing -- has an integrated USB jack so it can hook directly to yr computer. I.e., I'll second Kadin2048.
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Nothing beats Fisher Price.

As for the Target turntables. I have the theory that they won't sell that well and will either be available in February or September dirt cheap.
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