Battlefield 1942 stopped working for me after I patched it
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I have this weird problem: I installed Battlefield 1942, patched it, and after a few days it wouldnt work. Double clicking on the icon cause a loading sign next to the mouse icon for about 2 seconds, nothing happened. Latest version of Direct X and ATI display. Friends machine has no such problems.

Reinstalled it, same thing happened later.
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If you run it from a command prompt are there any error messages?
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Does it happen if you don't install the patch?
Also, check the official EA site. I had a different issue with BF1942 and I remember the troubleshooting section on the site being pretty expansive.
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I had this problem... but it went away when I patched my graphics drivers and updated to the newer direct x.
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A little late perhaps, but...

Go to

C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Settings

Open video default with notepad.

Now there will be a string called renderer.allowAllRefreshRates 0.

Change this setting to 1.

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Thanks for the advice eas98, but it was already set at "1". I set it to "0", and nothing happened. I am torrenting a lot right now (12GB) so when its done ill reinstall Direct X (for the tenth time) and the ATI video display drivers.
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Reinstalled ATI video driver, reinstalled Direct X 9.0b, still doesn't load. Other 3D games load, though.
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