Time to Buy a Cellphone
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I've decided to enter the 21st century and finally get a cellphone. Any recommendations on service and brands? I just read a Consumer Report that was beyond inconclusive. Can anyone tell me what service they have and why they like it...?

...Or should i just do a lot of my own research?
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Ask friends--it really depends on the area, unfortunately.
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Think about what kind of functionality you'll need and if you're willing to pay extra for it.

Do you have any bluetooth devices? A laptop with bluetooth? PDA? You'll probably want to be able to sync your contact list via bluetooth if you do.

Do you have a need for a grainy camera that takes lousy pictures? For most people it's just a novelty, but if you don't need it, you can certainly save yourself quite a bit of money by choosing a phone without one.

Do you need it to store a calendar and various other PDA functions? If so maybe you should look into "smartphones" that have those capabilities. Keep in mind the "smartphones" are generally a little bigger than your average cell phone since they'll need a bigger screen.

How are you going to be carrying it around? If you're a guy without a manbag, most likely you'll want it to be reasonably small so it'll fit in your pocket. I tend to favour Nokia phones since they have no antennas that jam into your leg when you sit down.
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no bluetooth, i'm pretty sure, definitely no camera needed. I'm trying to get as much possible input from as many sources as possible.
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Bluetooth is nice to sync your phone with your computer... saves a lot of triple tapping in contacts.
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...Or should i just do a lot of my own research?

How about a little, at least? I would suggest, if you want to get the most out of AskMe, to come with a little more information than just "I need a cellphone." How about: where do you live? Anything! This is a big topic, with many considerations, and there are many opinions. You're not going to get helpful info unless you narrow it down a little first.
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I've heard extremely good things about the Siemans S46 World Phone. It's low-frills (though I think you can get an MP3 player for it) but I see it all the time on business travellers because of its unparalleled reception.
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Verizon seems to be the wise choice in Arizona, for what it's worth.
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Some useful sites for comparing phones, carriers, and plans:





As others have noted here and in earlier threads, it's all about where you live. Ask people who live and work near you. Also, most carriers have a 2-week return policy. If you get your phone home and discover that you have to climb a ladder in your front yard to get any reception, do yourself a favor and return it.
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I have an unlocked Ericsson R520m that I'm pretty happy with. It has the essential features (multi-band, data over GPRS or analog modem, BlueTooth) and none of the non-essential ones (color screen, camera). For service I currently use T-Mobile, but since the phone is unlocked, I can use it on any GSM network.
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See, I didn't even realize that there were major differences in regions. I'm very very new to the cellphone thing. I live in Seattle, by the way.
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Slime, if you're new to the cell thing, and only want one for the classic "emergencies and urgent personal business" stuff, consider a pre-paid. It's a great way to dip your toe in and find out how you're going to use your cell. If your usage stays very low, you'll pay under $10-20 per month -- which is less than the $30 commitment most plans start at.

If you do find out you want to chat with your pals all the time, shop "with a friend", that sort of thing, you'll have a better idea what features you need from what your phone does or doesn't have.

For myself, I have a Virgin. You can get lower per-minute rates (Virgin USA is $0.25/min), but everybody else out there expires minutes in as few as 30 days (thievery!), compared with their 90. That best met my own needs. I hated being on a plan, especially when I only had a phone so my boss could reach me (and emergencies). This has worked much better for me. It does constrain me -- I hate counting minutes in my head, like the US Cellular "bullhorn" ad. But for calls that last that long I have a phone card and find a landline. And eventually (soon, really) I'll have to get back on a cell plan for business reasons (and I'll want one with more robust PDA functionality). But I'm just not the type to chat on a phone for hours.
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