French colonial rule in Algeria
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Can anyone direct me to information on/analyses of language politics in Algeria under the French?

I'm looking for scholarly materials for a short presentation (on the topic of Arabic versus French), so articles are preferred, but I'll take anything (other than Wikipedia links) at this point.
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Hmm, it's never made explicit but it's obvious the role that language plays in the film The Battle of Algiers. I suspect that A Savage War for Peace may address this issue as well.
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Try these. I don't know that any will perfectly answer your question, but they should get you started.

Le français dans le monde. This is a journal.

QUEFFELEC, Ambroise Jean-Marc 1992. "Le français du Maghreb", in L' Encyclopédie culturelle de la France. Paris, CAMIF-ECLECTIS. There may be other items of interest in his CV linked to his name above.

MANESSY, Gabriel. Le français en Afrique noire. Paris: Harmattan, 1994. While this deals mainly with Black Africa, I believe it will be of good use, if for nothing other than its bibliography.

MONEGO, Joan Phyllis. Maghrebian Literature in French.

MORTIMER, Mildred P. Malika Mokeddem: A New and Resonant Voice in Francophone Algerian Literature. Short, but may offer a few insights.

NESSA WOLFSON, Joan Manes. Language of Inequality.
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A quick search for "language AND alger* AND poli*" in the OAISTER database turns up these results. I did a quick review of them, and quite a few, if not the majority, of the resulting 29 items appear relevant to your project.
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