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What are the best essays, books, or scholarly articles regarding the social role of maps? Both pre- and post- web 2.0, google earth mash ups, and the like. I'm familiar with the Situationalist critique, but wonder where else to begin reading.

Bonus: Current mapping projects which seem particularly relevant with regard to socialization, cultural production, etc.
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This blog is great, maybe not exactly what you are looking for, but it may point you in good directions.
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Possibly grist if you haven't already:
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Start with the work of Mark Monmonmier, an historian who has written quite a bit on this subject, especially his book How to Lie with Maps.

You might also be interested in the work of so-called "postmodern geographers" like David Harvey, Derek Gregory and Edward Soja.
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The Field Museum in Chicago has a big exhibit on maps right now.

Maps: Finding Our Place in the World
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This american life has a great episode on mapping.

you can stream the whole thing.
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