Troubleshooting the Korean IME installation in Windows 95
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Why can't I install the Korean IME on my old Windows 95 laptop?

I am trying to install the Korean-language IME on my old Toshiba laptop running Windows 95 and Office 95. I've downloaded komondo.exe (IME 5.02, from the Microsoft website), stuck it on a CD and put it on the laptop, but when I try to run it, it unpacks all the files, starts to install, and then gives me the error message "Installation Failed," with no further explanation. Any thoughts on how I can get past this problem? (Explanations involving buying a new computer or installing a different OS are largely unhelpful.)
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According to this site (scroll down) you need the msHaime.exe as well as the komodo.exe files.
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Response by poster: Yes, I forgot to mention that I've had exactly the same result with msHaime.exe. Thanks, though; it was a good thought!
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