What is this musical motif
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I've heard this musical motif in at least two songs, and I'm pretty sure elsewhere (doesn't sound new to me). [mi]

It happens right at the beginning of Garbage - Androgyny, and of Avril Lavigne - I Don't Give a Damn (which, by the way, has the exact same topic as her equally stunning new single "Don't Tell Me"). They're produced by those two competing pillars of pop music production, The Neptunes and The Matrix respectively. It goes 4-5-4-3-1, in a minor key, or in guitar tablature (play on any string):


It's the sort of thing I'd expect to here on a variety of alterna-pop songs. Anyone know how it originated, or want to point out any other instances?
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I'm fascinated with this stuff. If anyone has any other resources on the musical devices, gimmicks, tricks, etc. used by pop factories like the Neptunes, please do share them.
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Response by poster: Some of them may originate more deeply in the Swedish song factories ;)
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That's how the melody to "Tell it to My Heart," by Taylor Dane, goes.
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Response by poster: Well spotted.
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Response by poster: Whoops, that tab should be 5h7p5p3p0.
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Here I am in the morning, and I realize some terrible things. My link above didn't work, I spelled Taylor Dayne's name wrong anyway, and worst of all, if I had actually read the page I linked to, I would've discovered that the song was originally a ballad which may or may not have existed by 1954. I'd link to it but my linking skillz, apparently, are poor.
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Response by poster: Well, iTunes corrected your spelling and I found it instantly ;)

I made another idiot mistake on that tab, replace the second pull with a hit too (that's what you get for posting at 3AM)
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Response by poster: ...Or not ;)

That's what you get for posting within 5 minutes of waking up ;)
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