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Where can I find a list of colleges and/or universities located outside English speaking countries that primarily teach courses in English? (Personal knowledge of such institutions of higher learning is also welcome.)
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Have you tried Dave's ESL cafe?
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Private universities and colleges in Malaysia are usually English-medium.
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AUB, the American University of Beirut.
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Central European University in Budapest functions in English.
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Pretty nebulous answer here, but I have a friend doing some part-time study at a university in Istanbul and she says her courses are conducted in English.
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The American Universities of Paris, Beirut. Armenia, Bulgaria, Central Asia...
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The theology degree program at the Pontifical University of St Thomas Aquinas in Rome. (Though Latin knowledge is require Latin is not the language of instruction.)

The University of Louvain in Belgium has English classes in Philosophy and Theology and I believe other langauges.

There's an English language graduate theology program in Austria.

Luxemburg and Switzerland both host English philosophy academies with degree programs I believe.

There's a Philosophy and Economics grad program abroad in English (in the Netherlands).

I believe there are also English langauge general colleges in Paris and Rome.

At least some Singaporean Universities have instruction in English (and advertise for students in the English langauge journal "Foreign Affairs". Perhaps in Hong Kong too?

There's also an American University Egypt. And at least fundraising is underway to rebuild the American University in Iraq.
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Technically English is one of the two official languages of the Philippines, and with a population of 88 million, it's one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world, but since we tend to think of English-speaking countries as only being white...

Anyway, all four of the large universities conduct their classes and business in English: the University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila, the University of Santo Tomas and De La Salle University.
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there are thousands, you're going to have to be more specific.
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The American University Egypt that Jahaza mentioned is actually The American University in Cairo. Unless things have changed since I was there, all instruction is in English with the exception of a few sub-100 level classes.

I think you might get some better and more applicable answers here if you were more specific about what you hope to accomplish at said English-speaking institution. Are you looking for somewhere you can find a job? Somewhere accredited, to do a 4 year degree? Somewhere to do a semester/year abroad from your current institution? Does it matter at all what fields of study these institutions offer (e.g. is there something you want to study/teach in particular?)
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The Vrije Universiteit (Free University), University of Amsterdam, Leiden University and many other university have English-language programs (primarily at the graduate level)
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2nd-ing Mateuslee ... most Netherlands universities offer masters programs in English. I did my LLM at the University of Amsterdam with about 30 other fascinating foreigners and loved it.
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This will be another vague answer without knowing what you are looking for, but the university in Istanbul mentioned above by barnacles is probably the Bogazici University . There is also the Middle East Technical University in Ankara. To my knowledge, both offer degrees (especially technical ones) primarily in English.
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