free video editor?
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I am looking for a free video (mpeg, wmv, etc) editor with some very basic options!

ok I have looked far and wide online for a video editor. my disk space on my PC is getting scarce, so I am wanting to edit clips out of some video files to free up some space on my hard drive. is there a free video editor that will let me cut out (not "hide" hint hint Microsoft Movie Maker) clips from a video file, without any watermarks or restrictions? my hard drive says thanks!
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VirtualDub is about as basic as you can get, but works brilliantly with avi files. VirtualDubMod works with mpgs. I don't know any wmv editors offhand.
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Try Vidomi. It may not really be exactly what you're looking for, but it will let you select multiple non-contiguous segments of a video file and concatanate them together, even out of order.
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ProjectX is a java program that is cross platform. its geared toward mpeg2.

avidemux runs on linux and macos. it might run on windows also. it is geared toward xvid/lavc .avi files and mpeg2.
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Check out the "Video Editors" categories here
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