Does a stylish vertical laptop bag exist?
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Seeking a fashionable men's laptop bag or backpack in a vertical format that is either retro vinyl or high quality leather.

There have been a few very active bag discussions, but most only recommend bags in those three categories:

- techy black vinyl
- adventure rockclimber backpack
- bulky bicycle messenger

I'd like something of Jack Spade quality. Unfortunately they have no vertical bags. Also seen some great vintage vinyl bags (Puma-style) but none are vertical and made for laptops. The Nova Librarium is almost there, but a little too space-age.

I carry a 15-inch MacBook Pro and occasionally a camera and a few other small items, but I'd like to keep the bag a sleek as possible. Thank you!
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Best answer: Slightly less spaceage
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A little google ("vertical leather laptop bag") got me this bad boy which is actually pretty nice. I kinda wish I had one.
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Hmm... Not sure if this is quite your style -- but I have this backpack for my 15" MacBook Pro, and I really love it: The Buzz

Besides the laptop, it comfortably holds a few magazines/files, a digital camera (a Canon PowerShot G9) in the pouch, and an umbrella/water bottle on the side.
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sorry -- posted too quick -- didn't catch the vinyl/leather requirement...
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Brooklyn Industries carries nice vertical laptop bags. They have extra pockets too, which could accommodate your camera and other small things. Plus, they're dirt cheap!
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Whoops, I also overlooked the vinyl/leather requirement. Here's another that fits your requirements better!
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Best answer: there's one called the messenger slim at about $230 over at i use their bags, really nicely made.
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Here's what Vy & Elle has -

They do have a vertical bag there. These guys make their stuff from recycled billboard vinyl, which means that no two bags are the same. My wife has a laptop bag, a book bag, and a checkbook cover from them, and she loves it. They're tough bags.
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Response by poster: Thanks friends. I don't really have a leather requirement, just want to veer away from the staid "tech" vinyl that dominates most bags and backpacks. Want something that looks and feels more old school, more handmade.

That Vaja bag is beautiful, PK! And with the customization options I can't complain that's not the right color scheme. Fancy seeing you here doling out the good tips. I only wonder if the strap is weak and if the bag sitting so low will hurt my back over time.

Missed part of your post, penguin.
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Response by poster: Perhaps Penguin is referring to Freitag, who I love and is definitely on my short list.
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Response by poster: I would love a Karhu Flight Bag in vertical format. Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!
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Response by poster: Or a PAN AM!
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Best answer: I typed too soon. They've got one. Maybe not so practical, but so damn appealing.
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Response by poster: British Airways also has a vertical bag. Would have to invest in a padded laptop sleeve for this one, but it's only £20.
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Response by poster: The alligatored retro bag from Lacoste might trump all those basic flight bags.
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i must say my favorite vertical bag is the slingpak from incase. su and i both have used these for years; wears comfortably.

good for traveling light, which i have to force myself to do. comfortably hold a sketchbook, wacom tablet, and macbook; has a really conveniently placed series of pockets for business cards and a durable keychain you can get at with a minimum of effort.

the only drawback i've found is that it sits weirdly over a blazer and makes the bottom right pocket and hem flare out awkwardly. wears much sleeker than it looks in the photo.
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Not vertical, and not specifically for laptops, but Cydwoq makes the best leather satchels I've ever seen. Scroll down on that page for their Mail, Post, Stamp and Flap models.

They're satchels without multiple compartments inside so you'd use a laptop sleeve. Their leather ages extremely well and gets gorgeous patinas. I have five pairs of their shoes and get positive comments (usually from female strangers) a few times a week. They're also hand made in the USA.
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For posterity, here's the direct link to the vertical messenger bag at Patrick King is right; it's a hot bag.
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caveat on the cydwoq stuff. I have two pair of their shoes, one of which I requested in a custom material. service I got from them on the custom order was the worst I've gotten anywhere and end result was kind of sketchy in quality. off the shelf product, the other pair i own, was perfect. I hear my experience was an uncommon one, but it bears warning anyhow.
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This seems to fit your requirements, other than leather. It doesn't give off a tech or sport vibe to me at all. They have a nylon leather messenger bag, too, which is also vertical.
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isaburo rucksack,

bad ass.

i like booq, but doesnt fit your requirements.
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Response by poster: In Berlin this week I happened upon a German-made label: Bree.
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