Best Chicago bar for MU/KU game?
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Best sports bar to watch the Mizzou-KU Chicago?

So, I am a lifelong MU football fan. I live in Chicago right now, and simply don't have time to drive to Missouri and watch this game properly at Arrowhead or even at Harpo's. Given that there will never again be a Mizzou/KU football game with national-title implications, I want to enjoy this one. Anyone know of any Tiger or Jayhwak bars in Chicago?
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I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you, wish I did. I will be travelling to Lawrence to watch the game as tickets have been going for about $350 since it's been sold out for months. I hope you find a fun place to enjoy the game.


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Best answer: illek, you should really spellcheck before you type. I believe you meant to say....


IJR, My question to you is are you just trying to find a bar that's playing the game, or are you trying to find one that will have a decent sized fanbase as well?

If the former, it seems to me that almost any decent sports bar would work; this game is getting a good deal of coverage (ESPN College Sports Day; ABC for the actual game) for some old rivalry between two flyover states.

If the latter, perhaps you could try craigslist?
Good luck! I'll be cheering with you.
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I know Kincade's was a big place for KU basketball folk; might work.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers. I am increasing realizing that any bar in town is going to show this game--especially after LSU lost. I was hoping to find some place that might have an animated fanbase, but I don't know if they should be KU fans.
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