Where to buy a Lazaro dress, and how much?
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Does anyone have any idea where (In the Bay Area) my wife can find a particular Lazaro (item #LZ3699) bridesmaid's dress and how much it might cost?

She's tried Bridal Galleria in SF - they won't quote over the phone, and won't even sell to you unless you buy one of their wedding gowns. Galleria Bridal in Santa Rosa also won't quote over the phone (they're not "authorized"). Well nuh-uh - that won't wash - this is America goshdarnit. We're already pretty jaded over the whole wedding industry so does anyone have an insight into this practice and a 21st-century workaround?

Thanks all - you rock.
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eBay doesn't have 3699, but it does have a lot of others listed by style number. I'd make an eBay watch alert for that number.
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It seems you may have selected one of the most full-of-bs bridal operations in Lazaro. This is from their website (The bold facing and highlighting is all theirs.)

...you may be buying a counterfeit dress, or one from a third party which has no relationship with Lazaro. If you buy a dress from an unauthorized dealer and have a problem with sizing, color variation, or damage in the fabric, there is no recourse. This special day can be your worst nightmare.

You'll either have to find an unauthorized dealer or go the e-bay route. Of course, you risk that your special day can be your worst nightmare.

It looks like they are unbelievable pompous and self important.
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I'm sure they aren't an "authorized" dealer - but the folks at Bella Bridesmaid are super duper friendly. I got my bridesmaid dresses there and have referred a bajillion people who always come back with good things to say. I would call them and see if they might be able to help you out.
I got my wedding dress from these people - their website is super ugly - but they were helpful and the dress I fell in love with at Bridal Galleria was close to 40% less. Here is a link to a form where you give them the designer and style number and they tell you if they can get it for you.
Good luck!
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