How do I find the playlist for multiple cds which were burned from my (initial) main music file, which has been added to extensively?
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After burning a cd using Itunes, is a copy of the playlist automatically archived? And if so, how do you access it?

I'm hoping that this isn't terribly obvious if only I'd looked more closely at the toolbar. Having said that, I did look and couldn't see a way to find what I'm looking for. I burned a bunch of songs to ten cds but the fifth one didn't work so I'd like to copy the songs I missed to another playlist for burning. It would appear that the playlist I burnt from was just my main music file which I have added to extensively.

Do you know what I'm looking for? Is it easy and if so, how?
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I am not sure if I really understand the question.
To my knowledge if you want to burn a CD from iTunes you have to do as follows:

Make a new playlist.
Add songs from your iTunes library to playlist (drag and drop).
Insert blank CD.
Klick on playlist and then on "Burn..."
Repeat as often as your supply of CDs lasts.

Burning directly from the main library is not possible.

In case of accidentially deleting the playlist before you are finished burning - well, then you have to recreate the playlist manually from the library. By dragging and dropping a couple of songs from a to b.
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ollsen, Mostly correct. You only forgot the the iTMS songs burn limit.

Burn Limit
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If it's a really problem, you can always re-import the songs, make a new playlist out of them, and burn that.
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Response by poster: I thought I might have have phrased it awkwardly, or been confused as to what I initially did. I must have adjusted the playlist in question after burning. I was just wondering whether an archive existed of cds which have been burnt. Never mind, iTunes newbie on the loose. It's not really a major problem and all of the songs I've imported remain on my hard drive, so yeah, I guess I'll just create another playlist. Thanks for your replies!
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