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What is this tiny valve, and what was it doing in my suitcase?

Relevant information:
I just flew from MSP to ATL, and I found this in my checked luggage, which the TSA had opened.

I'm a scuba diver, but don't readily recognize this from anything of mine. Furthermore, I don't recall transporting gear in this bag.

So, what's this guy from, and how'd he hitch a ride in my bag?
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Best answer: It is the core of a Schrader valve - from a bicycle tire and all kinds of other places. How it got there...
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Looks a little like a presta valve for bikes, but it could just as easily be some scuba component valve stem that was loose and got caught in your clothing pre or post-dive. It could conceivably hitch its way into your bag that way.

It looks fairly harmless, think about it as repayment for all the nail clippers and handtools they have stolen over the years.
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Response by poster: From looking at the links above, I'm certain it's a Schrader valve. Now to figure out what it came from. I'll check my scuba gear when I get back home. Thanks!

In case anyone is curious / might be able to suggest a more specific origin, I own the following gear: Two Deep Sea Supply wings, a Scubapro Glide Plus BC with Air2 second stage, two Scubapro MK17AF + S600 regs, and an Apeks DS4 + TX50 reg.
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From a BCD inflater. About 95% sure.

Just, please, don't try to fix it yourself unless you know what you are doing (and I am guessing you don't). Take your equipment in for servicing.
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This is not your model, but here is a picture showing two of the Schrader valves in use.
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Response by poster: @B(oYo)BIES: It does look like it would come from an inflator, but it's much smaller than that on my BC or wings. Furthermore, when orally inflated, all three hold air. I presume that wouldn't be the case with a missing inflator valve.
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If you can figure out where is came from (be aware of course it may have been added by someone rifling thru your bags) it simply screws in. The tool to do so is available at every autoparts and bicycle repair shop for about $1.
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Definitely not your wing or jacket inflator. I really don't think it's from any of your gear.
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