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If I get about 200 pageviews/day, how much can I expect to take to the bank using Google AdSense?

I suppose this is kind of hard to answer with a number, which is what I'm most interested in -- even just a ballpark figure would be great. Also, I see that you need to apply to Google before you can even run the ads. Aside from the specific criteria they make public (no pr0n, casinos, etc), what do they consider?
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They don't seem to like most public fora (Metafilter is an exception), because they loathe profanity or references to illegal activity. Many sites are rejected.

200 pageviews really isn't very much. Unless your visitors are very likely to click through, (that is, your content results in very effective ads), I wouldn't expect to make much money at all. (But I don't have any numbers to predict.)
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Your takehome depends totally on two things:

1. The number of clickthroughs (duh),

2. The ads displayed.

Different ad topics are more lucrative than others. I've found web hosting ads to be the best (in terms of cash flow) so I try to skew my content enough so that most of my ads run that way (but that's tough).
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I run a site that gets about 400-500 a day and we're averaging a number that Google will not allow me to publish. I will say, it's nowhere near what mathowie's getting for the PVRBlog. What I run is a targeted weblog (another targeted blog...seeing a pattern here?) about drums and percussion, so they're more likely to click on an ad related to them. On general weblogs, it's much harder to get clicks.

I'm also on that free 1and1 hosting plan, so no matter what we make, aside from my time, it's a profit.

We got turned down twice before being accepted. But's if you're site is just a simple weblog, I'd almost look at Comission Junction instead. Run a banner or whatever text ad you sign up for.
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One site of mine that runs adsense has 1500 page views/day and makes an average of $0.11/day.

As a side note, if you can work "mesothelioma" into your pages, you could make some serious money. I found out quite by accident that it is sometimes upwards of $20 / click.
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You just made matthowie $20/click.
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You might want to check into Amazon's Associates program. You don't get the steady drip of pennies, but you do get sudden spikes of dollars.
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mkelley - just checked out drumblog. Very nice site - I'm adding it to my daily web-read ritual!

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The amount you make will depend very much on what your visitors are looking for.

Example - With MetaFilter the users want to read MetaFilter. The chance that they want to click to some other site is therefor small. But on PVRBlog the users are looking for something to buy or build. Therefor the chance they'll click an ad is high.

I have one site that gets 3000+ ad views a day and I make a silly amount of money. Largely because I don't have what users are looking for, but the Google ads do. I have another site that makes almost nothing, largely because it does have what the users are looking for.

Also the topic will have a great impact on what you make. Some clicks are worth a lot - loans, Viagra - but others are only worth a few cents.
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I'm using it on an informational website (not a blog) geared towards kids and teachers that averages about 10K page views a day (during the school year). For the month of May, I earned about four bucks a day, but sometimes much higher and lower than that.

(Note: The 10K figure comes from Google's reporting. My own stats - via Webalizer - give me a daily average of 1100 page views a day. I have no idea why they are different nor what it means, so it's possible your 200 pageviews/day figure is mistakenly low.)

It was my understanding when I signed up that Google wouldn't accept any general weblog type sites. They want sites that are as focused and niche as possible so they can serve up targed ads with high clickthrough rates and charge more for them.
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The web site of the company that I work for gets around 300-500 pageviews per day and the Google ads bring in slightly less than $1 per day at an average click-through of 2.5%. It would be nowhere near that except that we have a Japanese version of the site that averages 6.5% click-throughs with the same content, except in Japanese.
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With 200 page views a day, my ballpark estimate is zero. At this point you're far better of focusing on getting more traffic or building a community than making money.

There are exceptions, if your site is on a really good topic you might make $5-$10 a day. That's an extreme best-case scenario.
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I have one site that gets 3000+ ad views a day and I make a silly amount of money. Largely because I don't have what users are looking for, but the Google ads do.

Given the insane number of people that come to my site looking for things like 'bottle +fuck' via a search engine, some kinda porn text ads would make me a mint, I'd imagine. If such a thing existed. I wonder if suicide girls want to advertise on the 'bottle?
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