International excess baggage-->Cash?
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Is there any way to make some money with my excess baggage allowance on my routine international flights?

I fly LAX-VIE and back about 4 times a year. I have ~100-150 lbs baggage allowance each way. Is there any way to turn that into cash? (Particularly the VIE-LAX leg, since I really don't take home much stuff)
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Wouldn't security be an issue?
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Customs would also be an issue, depending on how legit you intend this to be. Your allowances would be smallish, presumably. I was thinking about things like wine and eaux de vie (eaux de VIE?). The Austrians are making some pretty high-end stuff that doesn't get a lot of exposure overseas.

Otherwise, apart from perishable foodie items, it's tough to imagine a long list of items that are more available or cheaper in VIE than they are in LAX.
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My father used to fly as a courier, he would get free flights to places if he took no luggage.
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