How to fill in multiple webforms from a list
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I am looking for some automated method of using a txt list of names to submit into a single value web form that in turn returns a web page with data that I am interested in. I have no programming skills, so kind of looking for some sort of idiot proof answer. Any ideas?
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I think we'll need more details.
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Is it possible for you to be more concrete in what you want to do? Telling us what form it is could help.
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Pulling it back a smidge: are you looking to take a list of names and get a web page with aggregate data?

Since you said you're a non-programmer, try to refrain from thinking thinking about the hows. Give us a sample of what you are using for input and expect for output. You'll skip the ??? part and immedately go to Profit! Sorry about the inside web joke.
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I should also say what I mean by "hows" are: the txt file and form submission. There are a million ways to do what you ask. It's a matter of knowing what you have and waht you intend to find.
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Response by poster: Sorry for being vague.

I am trying to build a list from the data from this website:

I have a list of 1000 locations that I would like to submit into this form. The data returned, ideally would go into a .csv file, but I can also pull it from the regular webpage and copy/paste into excel manually.
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wget and a loop through the names in the list. use wget's POST form data features to specify the location name.
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You maybe could do this with curl.
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