Someone changed the locks, and it wasn't me!
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How did I get locked out of my home wireless connection? More importantly, how do I get back in?

Forgive me if I'm missing something basic here: I'm a Mac user with an AirPort base station. I got knocked off my wireless internet connection today because of a cordless phone call. When I tried to get back on, I was asked for my WEP password (stored in the keychain), and the network wouldn't accept it, and lists the network as locked in the menubar. It's not my ISP, because I can get on the internet just fine via ethernet (though it's in an inconvenient part of the house, and I have more than 1 computer, so I really need the wireless). Without my changing any settings, how would I get locked out like this?
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I've helped a friend who was locked out of their wireless router, and we found a tiny reset button you could depress with a paperclip. Does the AirPort have one of those? You'll have to set up everything again, but you won't be locked out.
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Apparently, there is a reset button.
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Yeah, use the reset button. This happened to me once because some idiot neighbor thought my unsecured router was his, and reconfigured it, and locked my ass out. When I broke back in, made the SSID "buttout", and secured it to keep him out.

So, WEP? Are you sure that's what you're using? I think that's really insecure. Maybe someone was being a dick by locking you out of your own router and changing the key on you, or just trying to teach you that it isn't secure.
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this is not a problem. reset and regroup. the manual will provide the details if it isn't already clear. good luck.
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nth doing a hard reset on the basestation.. I've had this happen a couple of times...

if you don't have the manual, just google "hard reset airport base station"...
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As evariste pointed out, WEP is a horrible, horrible means of securing a wireless network. Not only does WEP use a static key, but there are also no less than a million freely available tools that can crack WEP with relative ease. I have a CD right here that has a bootable Linux OS on it with a number of tools dedicated to cracking WEP. No joke.

So, I mean, anyone with intent could probably crack the AP open without breaking a sweat. Please consider switching to WPA or WPA2.

I know it's probably a reset problem and the AP is just a little cranky, but still - it could be worse. Someone could have compromised your wireless security and locked you out of your router.

Just something to keep in mind.
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Agreed that someone might have locked you out; whenever I travel, I pop into the unsecured routers in the area (when it's a small number) and change the channels to 1, 11 and 6 so that they interfere less with each other. The only reason I don't lock people out of their own routers "to teach them a lesson" or whatever is that I am a fundamentally ethical person (although not so ethical that I don't piggyback on their connection to VPN into my mail server, I admit that.) Same reason I don't crack the WEP key on the secured ones, but it's trivial to do so.
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Response by poster: Thanks to all. Problem solved. And I've switched out of WEP, which I should have done a long time ago.
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