What color calibration software/device for small web design company?
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What color calibration software/device for small web design company?

I work at a small web design company with about 4-5 designers and 6-7 developers, plus a few account/project managers.

We use CRT monitors, LCD monitors and I have an Apple Cinema Display.

What software/color calibration device should we use to calibrate everyone's monitor? Preferably something less than $200.

I've looked at the
Pantone Huey http://www.pantone.com/pages/products/product.aspx?ca=2&pid=79

and the Spyder 2 Express

Has anyone used these or have other recommendations?
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I've used the Huey and thought it worked remarkably well considering the price. The software on OS X (10.4) was stable and "just worked".
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Seconding the Huey.
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I bought the Huey because of the price (and I work for myself, freelance, so that's a big deal) but there are mixed reviews. Some people are reporting a greenish tint to their monitors after using Huey. On the two monitors I've tried, one got that horrible green tint, the other one worked really well. It's definitely a YMMV sort of product.
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Wow, this is weird; I just ordered the Spyder 2 (I got the Spyder 2 Pro, since their "differences between our products" page shows that you need the Pro to do a multi-monitor setup). It's due to get to me next week, and I'll certainly come back and post my experience if you're interested.

(Incidentally, if what I think is right, and the Spyder just generates a display profile for your monitor, how can one version support multiple monitors and another one not? Can't you just tell it to generate profiles for each monitor, and then use each on its respective monitor?)
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I have a Huey and it works great. It was really cheap too compared to the other ones I looked at. Just stick it on the screen and run the software, pretty simple.
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Response by poster: delfuego, i would love to hear about your experience with the Spyder once you get it. Otherwise the Huey sounds like it will get the job done.
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