A pie! A pie! My kingdom for a pie!
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Where can I get a pecan pie at the last minute in lower Manhattan or Park Slope, Brooklyn (or anywhere on the R) after 3:30pm today?

The bakery I ordered a pecan pie from messed up and gave me an apple crumble and they didn't have any to exchange. It is not the end of the world if I bring an apple pie to Thanksgiving, but a friend is already making one. Every place I have called has no more pies.
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Cake Shop or Pinisi...both have what we call the OMG Pie (pecan pie and chocolate pecan pie). My uncle buys all the Thanksgiving pies and I can personally vouch for orgasmic pies from both places. Call asap though.
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The Little Pie Company at 407 14th Street (between 9th/10th). Best Pies EVER.
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The Little Pie Company has more branches then just the 14th street one. I was there about an hour ago. Most of the pies are pre-ordered but they are selling extras (which are going fast).

Call the place and see if they'll reserve one for you. They're great pies. I have one in my office fridge. If someone eats it, I will destroy them.
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Huh. Little Pie's branch in the downstairs food court of Grand Central isn't listed on their web site.
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If there are no bakery pecan pies available, get a Mrs. Smith's pie and bake it up. Make real whipped cream or bring really good ice cream.
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Looks like making one is pretty darn easy and fast, especially if you get a store-bought pie shell.

Here's one.

Here's another.

Lot's more.
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Best answer: If you still don't have any luck (you should call these places in advance), let me know and I can probably bake one up for you and you can pick it up tonight around 9:00 or so. Even quicker if you're okay with a store bought crust.

Email in profile.
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Best answer: Sweet Melissa's in Park Slope. I just called them. They can't reserve one, but they think there will be plenty left.
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Lot's? Got a little apostrophe happy there. Now I am ashamed.
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Response by poster: Evangeline, that is great, thank you so much. I will try Sweet Melissa's which is near where I live. I also appreciate your offer of baking one. I am going to talk to Sweet Melissa's myself and I might take you up on your offer. If so, I'll email like you suggested.
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It's no problem. I love to bake. I live in Prospect Heights very near the museum, by the way, so I'm not too far from you.
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