How do I follow up with my networking contacts?
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An alum from my school said he would pass my resume around to employers in his city. I want to follow up with him. What to say?

I talked to an alum from my law school in DC who was happy to help me. He asked me to send me his resume, which I did. He was going to be passing it to people around town.

I want to check in and see how that process is going, or if it's started at all.

How do I approach this generous soul without seeming like a tool?
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I don't think it's unreasonable for you to ask for an update, but I would wait until Monday since most people aren't working this week.
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Best answer: Email him on monday as jbiz suggested --

Hi dear alum friend,

Hope you had a good thaksgiving. How about that game? blah, blah.

I was wondering if you had a chance to send my resume around to some potential employers. If you did, could you please tell me whom you gave it to just in case they contact me and don't mention your name. Also, that helps me to avoid contacting them through other conduits ...


Something along those lines should do the trick.
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Best answer: hariya has the idea -- short, sweet, and with the excuse that you are about to start actively pursuing the DC market, and don't want to inadvertently pile on to anyone he might have already contacted.

In order to not seem whiny, you could phrase in the form of thanks:

Hey FriendName,

(Post-holiday greetings, etc)

Thanks again for your kind offer to get my resume out in DC. I am gearing up to start contacting firms, and I don't want to hit anyone up twice, especially people you know professionally -- can you let me know who you reached out to and I'll cross them off my list?

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Best answer: Even better than sounding desperate by saying "Did you hear back yet?", ask your buddy questions relating to the industry and job market that you want to get into. He'll get the idea that you're still in the market. Be interested in what he's got to say, and the conversation will eventually turn to your resume.
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Best answer: Don't overthink this, it happens all the time and he won't be surprised at all. A simple "Hey how are things? Anyone sound interested in my resume?" is probably all you need. If you get a evasive or otherwise unhelpful reply just write it off, chasing won't help. Most likely you'll get "Gave it out to X people, haven't heard back yet" or "Thanks for reminding me, I forgot all about that."
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How did it go? Was there anyone that seemed interested that I should follow up on? Or not terribly interested for that matter, so I don't make a nuisance out of myself for them? :) ...??
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