Real Genius 2.0?
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Is there a online repository for ongoing consumer contests?

As in "every purchase is a chance to win." Lately, instead of "one free soda" or "please try again" underneath the bottlecap, it's an alphanumeric string to enter at their site to see if it wins. I first noticed the online shift when McDonald's expanded their Monopoly game so that there were more chances to win. Now I see it all the time in junk mail.
It suddenly occurred to me that I've literally thrown away millions of chances to win whatever by not bothering with tons of whatever, because we all know the law requires:
"No Purchase Necessary"
So, I guess I'm thinking of the movie Real Genius here (except Laslo wasn't online!)
I know there are coupon-tracking sites; does anyone know of a no-purchase-necessary forum/wiki/something which saves consumers from actually having to consume first?
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Response by poster: let me just add that I do understand the amount of junk email I'd be opening myself up to... also that upon submission, it was crazy to see that the previous question was about Mickey D's.
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Best answer: You'll want to check out this question.
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Response by poster: I searched, but I failed.. Thank you.
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