Where can I find ski boots in Japan?
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Where in the heck can I buy a pair of size 32cm ski boots in Japan?

I live in Nagano, the snow has just begun to fall, and ski season will soon be upon us. And yet, I am still without a pair of boots! I am a beginner/intermediate downhill skier desperate for a pair under USD200. Is there anywhere in country that I can find them? I have scoured the stores in the prefecture to no avail and internet searches with my limited Japanese have been pointless. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Are there any companies abroad that will ship to Japan for reasonable rates?
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Here's something I found by googling: a search for "32cm" in the "ski boots" category at kakaku.com. Click on a product and then click on the "スペック" (specs) tab to get a page like this, with the size confirmed. (I suppose you might also find boots available in 32cm by searching for 33cm, etc.)

Never heard of kakaku.com before so I can't recommend them personally, but at worst, it looks like you'll be able to use them to confirm lines that are available in your size. Maybe you can then take printouts into your local store and ask them to order in for you, if you'd rather not deal with the whole online retail thing?

(I never, ever buy sports gear so I don't have any better or more specific advice. Sorry.)
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Kakaku.com rules. They are basically the Japanese Pricegrabber, along with coneco.net. They have a pretty easy to understand rating system for stores listed as well.
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That or down near Jimbocho. Tons of ski shops down there and my buddy got 32s last year.
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