Where can I find a Samba Thistle's CD online?
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AustinMusicFilter: I need a CD by a group called Samba Thistle. And can't find it anywhere online.

They were a Scottish/Brazilian group in Austin. I don't think they are together anymore, but I can't find their CD anywhere. I would even gladly pay the group itself if they ripped their own CD for me to have the mp3s. I've been to their parent group's site, silverthistle.org and there is no storefront there. Every link I follow ends up not working, please help me find this CD.
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This webpage lists a Samba Thistle CD for sale.
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Samba Thistle seems to actually have been a joint effort between Sambaxé and the Silver Thistle Pipes and Drums - The only link I could find was to Loose Goose, but their ordering page is broken, you'd have to email them directly from the link at the bottom of the page to see if they're really still around.

It looks like the CD was locally produced, you might try contacting local Austin independents (this looks like a good starting link) to see if anyone stocks it, or could help find it.
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ps, if you find it let us know, I'm curious now myself...
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Response by poster: I found the broken Loose Goose link as well, but contacted the person at the bottom of the page Pater suggested. We'll see what happens. It's a great collaboration and it was something to see them perform live.
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Best answer: This shop in Austin still has a very few Sambathistle CDs left on the shelf as of today.
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