Uh, so there's this movie...I dunno what it's called...
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MovieFilter: Help me find the movie about teenage Star Wars fans traveling across country to steal the script for Episode 1!

I saw a preview for this movie, decided I wanted to see it, then promptly forgot the name. Which makes it kinda difficult to rent...

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Best answer: Fanboys, and it's not out yet...
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Response by poster: thanks! that explains why it's been so hard to find at the rental store...
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Yeah, it's been 'coming soon' for a while, but it looks like it's for good things, not 'so bad no one one want to release it'. Lucas gave his blessing and allowed use of some actual SW elements, the Weinstein's gave the makers more money for stuff the initial budget couldn't cover, some cameos added - from the IMDB comments and some other stuff, we'll probably be seing it in theaters this spring...
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I've been waiting for this movie for months. Meh.
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Cool. I thought about posting the same question a couple of moths ago!
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