How cheaply can I get a 37" 1080i television?
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How cheaply can I get a 37" 1080i television?

I'd really like to get into the HDTV game, but cant really justify massive spending. Are there any quality affordable 37" TVs out there? I'd rather go with LCD or Plasma and avoid tubes and projection if possible. Sub-500 dollars would be great. Is my best bet to buy used?

Im in Chicago and have access to an SUV if it helps.
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Do you mean a TV that can take a 1080i input source or a TV with the resolution of 1900x1080? You may be able to find the latter in a DLP RP used for under $500.
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Black Friday's around the corner! Gizmodo reports Wal*Mart will be selling a 42" 1080p (even better) for $798, which might be worth stretching to. They don't mention any 37" ones.. it just goes down to 32". I'd guess places like Circuit City, Wal*Mart and so forth will have something for you, although it might involve getting up pretty early!
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try a re-firb model from someplace like eCost or tigerDirect.

of course, such places come with some significant risks, but i know people who have hit your specs in the $300 range.
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Best answer: 37"? Might be a tall order. But according to Gizmodo's Black Friday guide, you can probably go home from one of several stores this weekend with a 32" for around $600.

(Actually ... those at that size are all 720p ... sorry. But maybe the list will still give you info to work from.)
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Response by poster: Accepts 1080i inputs and displays a reasonable decent picuture. 1900x1080 isnt a requirement. 720p, oddball resolutions, etc are fine.

Ugh, Id rather avoid projection. I guess I can go as high as 600 but would rather not.
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Best answer: Your best bet is to hang around the deals forums and move quick when a deal pops up. 37" 1080i for under $500 is not normal pricing but it does happen once in a while.

This FatWallet thread suggests there may be a 720p for $549 at Target on Friday.
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I have a Westinghouse LVM-37w3, picked from Costco a few months ago for $799. 37", 1080p (that's right- P!), lotsa good inputs.... sounds ideal for your needs + price range.

I've seen it go as low as $500 (refurbished). It's a really nice television for the price, although my boyfriend and I use it mainly for a computer monitor. There's a 54 page [H]ardForum thread and 104 page AVS Forum thread about this model (and its previous incarnations). People who have it LOVE it.
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37" is an oddball size for 1080 resolution... consider 42"...
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That Westy that agenais linked is a monitor, not a TV. No TV tuner. My friend bought the same one and returned it after he found out.
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I also have a westinghouse, but mine is the LVM-37w3. I am very happy with it but yeah, it's "HD ready".

It does HDCP over DVI but no built in tv tuner.
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Craigslist! We got a used 55 inch (I think) 1080i for $550 -- perfect condition (we've had it for about 3 mos now, and it works great!).
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Dealcatcher posted this earlier in the week.
If you've got your heart set on a 37", never mind. I couldn't figure out how I would fit a 42" in my living room, but there you are.
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Best answer: According to this site, Target will be offering a 37" 1080i LCD for $549 as one of their Black Friday deals.
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Target deal's the best I've seen. And you get 10% off if you apply for a Target card.
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