How can I get an RSS feed to play nice with all the other feeds in the aggregator?
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Is there a free service online that will allow me to aggregate RSS feeds, but will only show the last entry from each blog? (more details below)

I am currently using a feed aggregator ( to combine 15 feeds into a single one for integration into a website. However, one of the blogs has a tendency to update once an hour and is drowning out the rest of the blogs that only update once a day.

Is there a free service out there like that has a function which will allow me to "throttle" the hyper-active blog and will only show the latest entry so that all the others have a chance to be seen?
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Sure. You can use Netvibes and set "View X # of Posts" differently for each feed. Piece of cake.
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Um, well, it's a piece of cake except for the integrating on YOUR website (as opposed to a website). Sorry.
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Yahoo pipes should do this perfectly. There may already be one made up, but if not you could make one. The output can be rss as well, so should be easy to integrate into your website. You need to login to make the pipe, but at the end you're given a rss address that anyone can use, which will be what you want (i think)
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try grazr... it's easy to build/customize reading lists based on the site you want to put it on.
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Yahoo Pipes should do it.
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