France vs Quebec
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I'm looking for comics, cartoons, and jokes that focus on Quebec-French vs France-French. Could you help me find some?
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Here's an animated video from Québec on the subject.
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Pig French, like Pig Latin.
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I vaguely remember a joke about an Anglo tourist who went into a bathroom in Quebec and saw that both faucets in the sink had "C" on them. He used one and burned his hands with hot water. So he came out and complained.

But Sir, he was told, this is a bi-lingual country. One faucet had "C" for "Cold", and the other had "C" for "Chaud".
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What cardboard said. I died when my dad showed it to me. French people I know didn't find it quite so funny.

There's a great scene in "Jesus of Montreal" where an actor is describing Quebec... (the actor went on to be in "Barbarian Invasion" which is also a great movie.)

You speak french, I assume? I would assume there would be more from the French side of the equation, as for the Quebecois "it's just the way we speak, eh?"
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Thanks for the responses so far. I'm mainly interested in cartoons that can be one or several paneled that can be shown on a projector, if anyone can find any.
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Maybe something by Julie Doucet, a French-Canadian (underground) comic artist born in Montreal, known for her autobiographical work. The Madame Paul Affair is an account of life in urban Montreal. This is one of the few pieces of her I've not read, but reviews suggest it might be more suitable for your purposes -- Julie Doucet is one of my favourite comic artists but some might consider her work a little contreversial as the Amazon review of
Lève Ta Jambe Mon, Poisson Est Mort! puts it:
'This material is not for those who have fragile images of the feminine'.
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