Kittens gone grey.
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We have two Tonkinese cats, ages 2 and 1.5, both with dark fur on their faces. About a month ago, we took them in for their rabies booster shots. Shortly thereafter, one developed a bad cold, which cleared up. Now, within the space of a few days, their dark "masks" have started to turn salt-and-peppery. Otherwise, they seem perky and normal. They have had a minor change in diet, and have had some time in the spring sun after a long winter inside. Any ideas?
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Developing a cold after vaccines is normal, just like humans sometimes develop a cold afterwards. I'm not sure what could have caused the change in coloring, possibly stress, or just shedding out a lot of winter hair? You might call the vet and see if this is something they might need to see the cats for. It never hurts to double check!
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It never hurts to double check!

True. Doesn't sound dire, though. I'm sure you can sneak in a free follow-up phone call to whoever gave them the shots if you frame it as "what they heck did you do to my cats???"
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