What's the song playing in FF4 when the girl dances?
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What's the name of the song playing in FF4 when you talk to the dancer?

I heard this song in another show. Preview of the song here
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According to Wikipedia, "A few tracks not included on the soundtrack is the Chocobo Forest theme, the music for the dancing girl, the short intro to 'Cry in Sorrow/Sorrow and Loss', and various fanfares." Perhaps this means there is no title.
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The file you linked to is the whole song. It is an original composed (I assume) by Nobuo Uematsu, along with the rest of the music from FFIV. I don't know of any official title used for it, most fans simply call it the dancing girl music.
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The reason I think it's not an original is that I heard it at the beginning of the new Futurama movie. Unless they ripped it off him!
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It's a pastiche (actual musical term escapes me) of Khachaturian's Saber Dance.
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Definitely Sabre Dance. We used to frequent the local pizzeria and make the organist play this over and over and over.

It was never determined who actually set the fire that burnt the place down...
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