What days and times are good / bad for you?
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I run a bi weekly group for job hunters and career changers. I will likely be doing the first Thursday of the month at 7pm for the in person meetings then I'll be doing Skypecast meetings as well in between. I want a regular schedule but I want to get a guage on a lot of people's daily grind. I have asked my group but many are bad when it comes to my polls. Do you have kids? when are you done with their nightly routine? When do you eat dinner? Whatever... I'm thinking Sunday afternoon/evening or Tuesday evening at 7 for the skypecast (can I start it later because they don't need to leave the house?). In a nutshell, what would work for you? Or not work.. Sorry if this is really mundane but it helps me a lot. I run a lot of groups.
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I would love to hear more about this. Do you have a website? I could be up for a skypecast, and I think 7 p.m. is pretty reasonable. If these people genuinely want to change careers, they'll be on the phone at 7.
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As a hypothetical group member representing parents of school-aged kids, 7:00 would be hard for me. I'm either in the carpool lane to pick up someone from an activity or putting together a late dinner or nagging someone about homework or nagging someone else about a bath. If I'm already giving up Tuesdays at home for an in-person meeting, my partner may be less than thrilled about losing my participation for part of a second night.

For parents with littler kids, 7:00 is close to bedtime.

OTOH, Sunday afternoons are generally pretty mellow and one of the few times I can focus on myself.

What about mornings? I love early* Saturday morning (8:30ish), before errands start and while the house is still slowly waking up. Or weekdays around 7:30, so you could have your meeting and still get the work/job hunt day started on time.
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7 pm is the worst time for me, mother of a four year old. This is post-dinner pre-bed time, and we're playing, taking a bath, whatever. It's not a time I like to share with others.

Noon is not a bad time, if you can take lunch breaks then.

Six a.m. is also not a bad time, because it's before the kid wakes up, before I have to start working, a time when I have nothing else planned. I am not a morning person (far from it) but if I am trying to change my life, I can get up that early once a month.
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Response by poster: To Sweetie Darling, You just gave me a fabulous idea.. 1-2x a week in the morning to help motivate people and kick their week off. Thank you for your input and that spark for an idea!

To Parmanparman, you can see the site at www.cityjobclub.org. On the top links you might want to check out the link to the meetup page for additional info.

The goals I have for the organization go pretty in depth and would take a while for a comment here but you can email me anytime, you'll find my contact info plastered on the sites.

One goal of note is I want to help others start their own job club in their cities. If anyone who reads this is interested, let me know.
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Response by poster: Capri, thanks for the input. This is making me ponder :)
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