Paging Inspector Morse!
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[GiftFilter] I think my husband would really like Inspector Morse, but where to begin?

My husband loves the old Perry Mason serials, enjoys Law&Order, and also smart BBC serials like Doctor Who. So he might really like Inspector Morse... but I've never seen any and don't know which one to start with.

Amazon sells them in Collection Sets. Any Morse fans in the house? Which set should I get him for Christmas?

Yes, I know I can get the complete collection for big $$$, but that seems a little excessive at this stage.
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i love inspector morse! i'd introduce them to someone in order, one of the things i enjoyed most about watching a new installment of it was seeing how morse's relationship had evolved since last time.
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I love morse too, but admittedly some of the episodes are showing their age. Since the formula is tried and true, you don't need to watch them in sequence. You could jump in anywhere in the series and easily understand what's going on. The best and most accessible episodes?
- The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn
- Service of All the Dead
- Last Seen Wearing
- Last Bus to Woodstock
...actually there are so many, it would be easier to list the ones that are weakest:
-The settling of the sun
- Promised Land
- Cherubim and Seraphim
- The Wolvercote Tongue.

That said I tend to prefer the earlier episodes.

He may also enjoy Foyles War, which should be watched in order. Maybe make him a sampler set of british mysteries?
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They're all in my queue on Netflix.
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Sorry, I misread the question. Yes, start at the beginning. Netflix has the production dates.
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It's been quite a while since I watched Inspector Morse, so I can't remember how order dependent the early episodes are, but I can tell you it's vitally important to watch the last few episodes last and in order.

And don't read up on it, too many folks give the endings away.

They're great, John Thaw did a great job.
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Best answer: On review, I realize you were asking for which set of DVDs to buy (slaps forehead).

The Dead of Jericho Collection.

Without a doubt.
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An enthusiastic agreement about Foyle's War, too!
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