Do you recognize the glass artist signature?
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Does anybody recognize this glass artist's signature on this paperweight? Looks like "P B**f**ar" to me, but Googling various possible letters has been utterly fruitless and frustrating.

Thanks for looking and for any help you can offer. Also, it's not very visible in the pic, but the tall, looping letter in the middle of the last name has a longer loop descending below the line (the finishing part of the loop is hardly visible)... that's why I called it an "f".

Beneath the sig is either "02" or "82".

And this is the weight that is signed... perhaps it looks typical of an artist you recognize's work --

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Response by poster: Whoops. Seems the pics got stripped. The sig and the paperweight.
posted by CodeBaloo at 4:10 PM on November 19, 2007

Any idea where it came from (eg craft shop in what city)?
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I'm going with P Buchanan. Just a guess...
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It's P. Buchman.
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not much by way of evidence, but heres a start
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I don't think it's the P. Buchman phaedon found. If you look closely at the signature of that artist in the lower right corner, you can see it doesn't look like the signature the OP linked to.
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Response by poster: LobsterMitten: I picked it up on eBay. I just sent an email to the seller, but I don't think it'll pan out... it was a consignment piece.

Phaedon: I couldn't see the signature on the P. Buchman pieces, but from a distance, it does look like a similar shape.

My only issue with the "Buchman" idea is that the letter that would be the "h" has a definite flourish extending even further below the line than the upper part extends above it. Though it's nearly invisible in the photo, the lower extension reaches almost to the bottom of the "0" in the "02".
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