Help me be a warm, fashionable vegan in NYC.
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I need help getting dressed - but it's a little more complicated than that. If you're a vegetarian/vegan in NYC, especially with one with fashion sense, please read on.

For the vast majority of my life, I've had no interest in dressing myself well. At all. The reasons for this is a whole story in and of itself. But I'm trying to change that now.

I live in New York City as a full-time resident now, in my first year out of college. I'm trying to find winterwear in particular. And I'm an vegan for ethical/health reasons.

I'm having a particularly hard time with vegan winterwear. MooShoes is great for shirts/belts/shoes, not so much on coats/jackets - and I have NO idea where to start, what is nice winter clothing, etc.

So, to review - if you are a vegan in NYC, or know any vegans in NYC, or know what you would do if you were a vegan in NYC - what the heck should I wear? ESPECIALLY for the winter, now that it's getting cold as anything.

If it makes any difference, I'm 5'11, male, 23 years old, 225 pounds, black hair, blue eyes, big frame, broad-shouldered, really need to lose 30 pounds. I currently wear lots of hoodies, early 80's punk t-shirts, and old jeans. I'm happy to answer/explain anything in further detail below.
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here's one. it's insulated with primaloft and looks like a good basic puffy jacket. the avocado color is, i think, very cool.
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Ok - no wool, no down. Yes to synthetics like nylon, primaloft, etc? Is that right?
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I would think anything polar fleece would work for you and you can get that basically anywhere. I would actually think a winter jacket would be the easiest thing to buy as a vegan as there are so many synthetic materials and all you really need to watch for is leather and down. And I guess fur, but that's pretty easy to avoid. As far as I can tell this is entirely synthetic.
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I have looked everywhere online for a reference, but I can't find one: in the latest issue of InStyle, this one with Natalie Portman on the cover, Portman is featured and speaks at length about both being a New Yorker and her commitment to vegan consumerism (which is an actual, long-standing well-known commitment, not the "It's 2007, green is the new black" sort of cause celebré). I distinctly remember her naming four or five favorite sources for green clothing, complete with URLs.

Granted, her being a celeb, they might all be super-pricey, or might be ladies' apparel only. But if you are cruising past a newsstand, stop and grab that mag and flip to the article -- there's a sidebar where Portman mentions her favorite sources. Sorry I can't re-type them here for you; I was only flipping through at the salon.

Alternatively, if some helpful MeFite takes InStyle and can find the piece I'm talking about and can share the links, even better.
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I would go for a nice pea coat. They are quite stylish. Here's a vegan version. Although, as with most clothing, I would suggest heading to a few stores (bring someone with good taste) and trying on a few different coats to see how they look. The overall effect can vary greatly from one designer to another.
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How do you feel about second hand goods? Would it be unvegan to buy a leather or down coat from a thrift store?
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Honestly? Just go out shopping where you normally would and read labels. You'd be surprised how many winter coats are not insulated with down these days (allergies and what not). If you're looking for a dress coat, it would be a bit harder to find something non-wool but still not at all impossible. I don't think this is something that warrants a special vegan-only store; you'll just be frustrated with the lack of selection. Like, just now the first website I went to (urban outfitters) two of the first three coats I clicked on are vegan.

FWIW, my husband and I are vegan (rather stylish ones too, if I say so myself) and we both have an abundance of nice winter coats. Not one of them came from a specialty shop.
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Waxed cotton!
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I would think an outdoors shop might be a good bet. Warm clothing, lots of vegan fabrics and a smarter update of your existing style, without leaving you floundering when you go into the shop.
Patagonia have a good ethical rep and a New York store: Patagonia New York SoHo Store - 101 Wooster St. New York, NY 10012
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Here is a discussion on a vegan forum with some recommendations.
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campmor (also has a store in paramus, NJ, which is close to NYC), sierra trading post, pangea (the people who make the pea coat listed above)

mountain hardwear makes some nice looking coats, here, here, here, here, and here

columbia titanum line is nice.

northface stuff is nice. just get a patch to cover up their logo, or you might look like every other kid in a fraternity or sorority.
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