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I'd like to find a translation for an Israeli song sung in Tigrinya called Siyaishaya Ingoma.

It's a song on the Idan Raichel album MiMa'amakim (From the Depths) on which there is a nice mix of songs in Hebrew, Amharic, Arabic, and Tigrinya. This specific song, Siyaishaya Ingoma, is sung in Tigrinya. The only information I could find for it on the web is that it translates into "Sing Out for Love". I'm also almost positive there's a little bit of English in the song.
You can hear samples of the song
It's a really beautiful song and I'd love to know the full meaning of it!
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Here you go
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Translation of the Hebrew above:

From the depths I called to you, come to me
With your return the light in my eyes will return
[It's] not finished, Your touch does not leave
May it come and give light what one hears in your laughter

From the depths I called to you, come to me
By a moon lighting your way back to me
Spread and melted with the touch of your hand
A questioner whispers in your ear

Who calls you tonight - Listen
Who sings aloud to you - Toward your window
Who gives their soul - so you'll be happy
Who would give a hand and build your home

Who would give his life and place it beneath you
Who would live as the dust beneath your feet
Who would love you most from all who love you
Who would save you from all bad spirits (or winds)
from the depths.

A lot of the words in hebrew are used biblicaly in Psalms. So it alludes to spirituality within the love song.

Apologies to Idan Raichel (a second time - self link to amusing Idan Raichel story) for any mistakes in the translation.
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oops actually translated Mima'amakim, enjoy anyway.
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Response by poster: heh thanks terrortubby, that wasn't the song i was looking for and i speak hebrew but i appreciate the effort!

@growbrain: i tried that site but it doesn't have the specific song i'm looking for, that site only has his hebrew songs.
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