Fishmonger in Vancouver?
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Where to buy fish in Vancouver, B.C.?

I'm looking for a place that sells fresh fish, with good selection, and, most important, good quality. I know I could go all the way to Steveston to buy off the boats there, but even then, selection is often limited.

I'd love to find a shop in Burnaby, or East Vancouver that can make my Japanese wife happy with a variety of tasty morsels from the sea.
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One of the guys from my office came around just last week offering us some leftover fish; he'd bought a big fish for about $10 off a boat in False Creek. From the description he gave, I think it was on the south shore somewhere around the Burrard Bridge. I don't know fish except that this one was tasty, but my friend claims to be finicky about seafood and proclaimed it high quality.

Another office-mate also said you can go to the Musqueam reservation on the Fraser River near UBC and get amazing deals, though it is illegal because their fishing rights do not allow them to sell to the public.
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It's not East Vancouver I'm afraid, but my friend works in The Salmon Shop in the Granville Island Public Market and is always coming home with lovely cuts of various fish--it's independantly run, and the staff seem really knowledgeable.
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T and T Supermarket?

There's one on 1st and Nanaimo, one in Metrotown, one downtown (beneath the Tinsteltown cinemas) and it's a full blown supermarket with all sorts of imported Asian products and a pretty decent (and decently priced) selection of seafood.
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Finest At Sea maintains a large fleet and sell to many restaurants in Vancouver. You'll find them on Arbutus between Valley Dr and W 32nd.

There's also Granville Island of course.
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seconding T&T or any of the other large chinese grocery stores
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How much selection are you looking for?
Fresh/quality is maximized by getting the stuff that's still swimming in the tank until the moment you buy it, but that pretty much limits you to tilapia, sole, rock/ling cod, & red snapper.
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buying from the indians, as recommended, is a great bet for salmon. i do it on vancouver island from time to time. $10 for a complete, gutted, sockeye.

it's not universally illegal, as far as i know. just at certain times, for certain locations.
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They say it's only what you think that matters.
Show your wife this page. She would be happy.
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Response by poster: Finest at Sea looks great, but isn't close at all. We've been to Granville Island many times, and the selection is good, but again - not exactly close to Burnaby. T & T doesn't have particularly good selection of fresh stuff, as juv3nal noted. So, any thing closer than Granville Island, people? Thanks for the info so far...
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