Indoor/winter picnics/adventures in NYC
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I want to be able to have free 'indoor picnics' and adventures out of the cold in New York City, help!

I love picnics--being outdoors, with my own cooked (and therefor good and cheap) food, with or without friends, and able to do other activities. I never realized something like this could be emulated in winter...there's a jazz club called Fat Cats which lets you bring in outside food and has pool and ping pong, etc. So it's kind of like an indoor picnic. So I want to know how to picnic [outside an apartment but out of the cold] in winter, to have adventures for free (or less than $10), to bring my own food to some (adventures refers to stuff like this without food)...I hope my drift is clear. Looking more for late afternoon/evening ideas than night (lounges and clubs without covers cover the adventure part...any that allow you and make it easy for you to bring your own food though???)
Another example: The Brooklyn Museum has an open house/party the first Saturday of each month...doesn't include food, but it is a free adventure. Something I can invite people to and meet new people at.
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There is a list of privately-owned public space here. Some are indoors. I recommend the space in the Trump Tower (725 5th ave) and the Winter Garden in the World Financial Center.
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You might also be interested in Grub. They have food, but you are also invited to cook for others:
"A cheap, simple dinner for strangers and co-conspirators. We are a small group of people who do a lot of other things in New York, like decorate subways and throw parties in the streets. At Grub we're just offering dinner.

Whether you are active in other collectives, your neighborhood, your backyard garden, or just new to town, we invite you to our table. To get a little squishy, we are looking for practical ways to build community. We like parties as much as anyone, but we think there should be places to talk without a pounding sound system.

We offer simple food simply prepared and will only be able to serve 40 people, first come first serve. There will be plates for vegans and vegetarians alike. Please come early and hang out.

Rubulad home base
338 Flushing, at Classon, Brooklyn
G train to Flushing or Classon stations, J,M,Z to Marcy, B61 bus to Flushing
[Sundays] 6:30p doors, 7p dinner; $pay what you want, and bring your own booze
inourhearts@gmail dot commmm"
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