Help me dress the twins
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I need help finding clothes for identical twins that aren't identical (the clothes, I mean).

My boss and his partner are having twin girls in January.

Anyhoo, I want to get them a couple of pretty dresses - something more traditional, like sailor dresses or smocked dresses. Something pretty they can wear next summer, as opposed to all the onesies they'll be wearing for the next few months, so I'm looking for size 6 months. Something like this.

This is the problem. I don't want to get them matching dresses, but I do want coordinating dresses - maybe two different dresses with the same pattern by the same designer. I keep finding almost what I want, but I haven't found that perfect match yet.

Any ideas? Thanks all.
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That site you linked to is great. Perhaps complementary Lilly Pulitzer dresses, such as this and this? Close enough to feel twinnish, yet different in the details...?
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Shopping for summer dresses might be tough this time of year, but... maybe you can find some clearance items.

Tiny Bubbles is a great brand and makes a lot of cool smocks. (Not cheap.)
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With infant twins, anything that will help *differentiate* the twins is a good thing. The same dress in different colors would be great.

Sailor suit with pink accents, sailor suit with yellow accents. Light green onesie, robin's-egg blue onesie.

Of course, this is assuming that you'll be sewing.
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Response by poster: I'm considering Lilly Pulitzer, because she does have the widest selection of dresses in the same color scheme. I'm just not crazy about her clothes, though. Maybe it's just a leftover prejudice - all the popular girls at my high school wore Lilly Pulitzer clothes!
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One note: even with twins (who are often smaller), chances are slim that a size "six months" dress will fit them when they're six months old. I'd go with a larger size -- perhaps 12 months.
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I think you're more looking at a 12 month size. (Or 6-9M, 6-12M. Note the birth weights.) Baby clothes sizes do not work as one might reasonably expect them to work.

There're lovely Liberty print dresses that would suit, but -- $$$ (or rather, £££).

One in each floral?

These are not traditional (but, unlike some traditional stuff, will probably look nice without ironing, and be comfortable), but two in different colours, or two different styles in the same colours?

White skirt, red skirt.
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Here's the Tiny Bubbles website.
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OK, I'm back. I realized that my earlier suggestion wouldn't work because the dresses don't come that small. But here are a few more thoughts:

This dress comes in both red and blue.
This dress comes in both pink and blue.
And these dresses come in a whole array of colors (e.g., ocean, harvest, pear, pink, vanilla, lilac, avocado, white, spice, raspberry) -- just pick your two faves.
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These are perhaps less traditional than you were requesting, but wow, they're cute.

And reversible!
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Response by poster: They're being delivered by c-section on January 7th. I figured that if I got them summer dresses in the 6 months size they could wear them by June. So 12 months will be a reasonable size by then? I don't know from babies. I'm just really excited that someone I know is finally having girls so I can by tiny little dresses.
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Patsy Aiken stuff is really, really cute. They seem to be pushing some kind of Tupperware/ Pampered Chef kind of party-distribution deal but also looks like you can order direct from the website.
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If they are using cloth diapers, that's another reason to buy bigger sizes. But, yes, breastfed babies tend to be bigger in the early months than other babies. My 6-week-old who wears cloth diapers is already in the 6th month size.
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Response by poster: Unless they've hired a wet nurse, I don't think there's going to be any breast-feeding involved! The mother is a surrogate, the egg comes from another anonymous woman, and my boss is the sperm donor. He and his male partner will be raising the twins.

But knowing these guys, I bet they will use cloth diapers. I'll take your suggestion and go with a larger size.
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Response by poster: I'm thinking of going in a different direction now. Maybe this and this.
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just be careful about the size, possum..

little girls shouldn't be in dresses from about 8 months till about 16 months. they crawl, and the dresses bunch up and cause them to fall flat on their faces. once walking, all bets are off.

as the mummy of an infant girl, i prefer rompers. in australia we call them all in ones.

twin girls, very cool.
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oops. i shoulda read what you just wrote.

um... what you said.
love them. i'd put my goil in them.
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www. Awesome smocked dresses. Sister sets . I would go with 9 month size. With a dress, bigger is ok but you don't want it to swallow them!! Happy shopping!
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I'm a non-identical twin, and I sorta wish my Mom would have dressed us in different clothes when I was younger. We had the same toys and everything.
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Sorry for assuming the partner's sex.

To make dresses better for wear in colder weather (in case we all mess up the sizes), you might look into some tights with no feet.
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Response by poster: Oh no worries. It's kind of an unusual situation. I would have assumed the same thing.
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little girls shouldn't be in dresses from about 8 months till about 16 months

I would've said earlier (I have a three-month-old; thanks for the heads-up). The problem with babies and dresses is that they get put places that are rarely compatible with dresses. Dresses do not work well in slings or most other carriers, and there is no dignity in being belted in to a car seat or bouncer in a dress...

Whatever you get, please make sure it is reasonably easy to put on (snaps or buttons at the neck...), reasonably easy to change a diaper in, free of irritating embroidery, dry-clean-only fabrics, cheap construction which will require ironing, and fabric that pills if washed frequently.
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Response by poster: A vote please. I'm trying to choose between this and this or these (one in pink and one in green). Remember, these are for spring and summer.

Something to keep in mind - these guys are the richest people I know. They have a house in Chelsea and a house in the Hamptons. They buy horses in Ireland and have them shipped to the US. My boss goes on fox hunts (I try to overlook that). His partner is an interior designer. So as much as I love children's clothes with monkeys all over them or giant polka dots, I'm pretty sure they would want something simpler or more classic.
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One of your links doesn't work, but I like the A-line dress. Does it come with shorts, though? If not, the girls are going to be flashing their diapers at everyone as they crawl around... not that there's anything wrong with that.
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Response by poster: I went ahead and bought the first two choices.

It doesn't come with shorts, but I figure they'll probably have some white bloomers on hand.
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