Online poetry seminar?
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Where can one take a graduate-level poetry seminar online?

I'm asking for my sister, who is an English teacher and has to maintain her certification with at least one 3-credit graduate-level English class. She'd like it to be a poetry seminar (she has a degree in creative writing) where, for example, she submits a poem once a week or so and the class critiques it. Her priorities are: format, price, ease. She's in Rhode Island, in case that's relevant.

We've both had no luck googling; and the answers to previous online course questions don't appear to address a desire to write poetry!
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This was all I could find -- not exactly what you are looking for, but maybe searching "low residency" further will yield some good results?

University of British Columbia's Low Res MFA
Prescott College
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I think that a low-residency program is probably the closest thing you'll find. A lot of schools offer them, and googling low residency creative writing programs will probably get you a lot of options.

A few things about low-residency programs: Most of the work that you do is independent; you generally have an adviser who you work with through mail and email on a regular basis. Once a "semester," or every so often, it will be required that all of the students in the program or the class get together for a period of about 10 days (it varies with the program). During that time, a lot of workshops and classes will take place on an in-person basis.

I've never heard of a low-res program that involved never getting together in person, though, so I'd try and find some schools in Rhode Island.
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