I need to find cooking lessons in Los Angeles. Not looking for a formal degree program, just the basics.
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I need to find cooking lessons in Los Angeles. Not looking for a formal degree program, just the basics.

Google is overwhelmed by various cooking schools, and nothing for the beginner or casual learner.

Craigslist has also been similarly un-helpful.

Basically I am as useless in the kitchen as I would be in the control room of a nuclear reactor.

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Best answer: I'm not a local, but what about a kitchen store or grocer that has classes? Sur la Table does private lessons tailored to what you want. Could be interesting.
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Best answer: I think Whole Foods offers workshops sometimes. Many community centers offer cooking classes, as well as several of our local community colleges.
You can always post an ad on Craigslist. There's gotta be a culinary student who'd teach you for a very reasonable price. Or you can barter. Do you know a trade you (i.e., do their plumbing for cooking tips). Are there any old ladies who would be willing to help you out for free? Go visit a senior center and ask if any of the ladies would be willing to help you out. They have lots of time and would love to feel useful.
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Best answer: A knife skills class, like the one at Sur La Table, is a good place to start. The class we took was taught by Chef Jet Tila, who teaches a bunch of classes at different places - check out his schedule on his site (http://www.chefjet.com/calendar.html).

Even though knife skills classes focus on... while yeah - that's obvious, it's a really good way to get comfortable in the kitchen, and once you're a little bit comfortable, just dive in and start making some simple stuff. (Maybe you can convince a friend who likes to cook to come show you some stuff).

You could also check out the New School of Cooking in Culver City or Hipcooks.

You could try searching the LA board on Chowhound too.

Though you didn't ask, here's some brief advice about outfitting your kitchen (if you don't already have a lot of kitchen stuff).

Don't buy too much equipment early on, and don't buy sets of anything (knives, pans, whatever). Avoid gizmos that only do one thing, especially at first. Buy a good quality 8-10" chef knife, a cast iron skillet, a good stainless steel saute pan / skillet, and a saucepan (maybe 4 qt or so).

This NYT article (registration required) has some good advice about buying basic kitchen stuff.
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Best answer: Not lessons exactly, but when we first got married someone got us the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. I noticed it recently in a bookstore, so it is still being sold. I think it is updated regularly. It definitely covers the basics of how to cook and set up a kitchen, and has several tasty recipes (several of which we still use after 23 years).
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