Better contact database that will sync with a better phone than Treo
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What is the best hardware for my situation; Phone, contact program (software), laptop, maybe even pc

as brief as i can be.....
I use ACT for my contacts. I have a treo 650. I can d/l my ACT database to my treo. i hate the phone & i'm in the market for a new one. I am also planning to get a new laptop (currently on a 2year old Acer that's close to the end of it's life).
What I'm looking for is a contact database that is similar to ACT (because that's what I'm familiar with) that can be used (synced) with another devise (similar to the Treo). Blackberry is one option. I had one 3-4 years ago, but didn't like the phone...& it was too bulky (but good email, etc.) The treo is similar, not a great phone, but good email, texting.
I'm considering iphone. Phone contracts are no problem. Currently I"m on sprint, but also have a t-mobile account. I dont' have an AT&T account, but can open one. It would be really good if the phone would work in China (where I travel 1x/yr.) I was just there & the phone worked in Korea (layover) but not China. I need to ensure that anywhere I am, if someone calls me, the phone will work. My associate, who is also w/sprint & has a blackberry, his phone worked in china, but not mine ?
So let me hear your advice. Different contact program that will work (d/l sync) with a phone... a good phone. I am looking to upgrade my phone/laptop & probably soon my pc.... I'm reallly leaning towards the mac now that it can run Vista (as everyone at my workplace is on pc's, & all the programs are pc based).
Should I wait on the iphone until they can handle 3rd party software? Is there a different, more effective phone that will do the same thing I need? Will the iphone (at&t) work in China?
Money isn't my primary concern... it's all for work, etc.
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Best answer: On one of your points.. the iPhone already does contact management and.. someone has created software that syncs ACT with the iPhone also.
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Oh, and the iPhone is quad band, so as long as AT&T have a roaming agreement with a major Chinese provider.. I don't know anything about that though, but might be worth investigating.
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Some Googling suggests AT&T have a deal with China Telecom. Apple are also, supposedly, in talks with China Telecom regarding the iPhone. Anyway, I'll stop wasting posts here now, good luck! :)
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Full disclosure: I work for RIM.

You'll find the BlackBerry has overcome the bulk problem in the last several models. I highly recommend the 8800 series or 8300 series. I prefer the keyboard on the 8300 series personally. If you enjoyed the software and your only problem with the BlackBerry was its bulk in previous models, I think you'll really like it now, especially if your company has a BlackBerry Enterprise Server. As I'm sure you're aware if you do anything that requires typing from the device with any regularity, the iPhone may drive you insane. If you have any specific questions regarding the BlackBerry please feel free to email me (in profile) :)
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The iphone is a flashy toy, not a business phone. Get a blackberry like an E series Nokia.
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