NYC Location for Hip Young Woman's Celebration Needed!
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NYC Location for Hip Young Woman's Celebration Needed! Help me find the perfect place!

A super exciting moment in my BFF's life is happening in the winter, revolving around her career taking a mega leap. I want to throw her a 50-60 person party at a location that represents her - a wacky, loveable, beautiful, brilliant, accomplished feminist in her late 20s. The people who come will be anywhere from 16-30, so not-so-adult, quirky locations wanted (except the ultra played out Dylan's Candy Bar, lol...but along those lines) that will look good on an invite and will be an enjoyable experience, too. Interactive experiences a plus but not a must - there will be lots of high heels, more than likely, but also a lot of sporty women! Doesn't have to be a restaurant, can be a shop, an arcade, a quirky store, a bar...wherever celebration, "girlie" and fun can be one!
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Many art galleries rent out their spaces after hours and will arrange catering and booze if you need that. It can be a funky fun space for get togethers.
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Beauty Bar on 14th St.?
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Response by poster: hey! beauty bar is a great option, thanks! i'm actually ont from the nyc area - any specific art galleries or other places, 45moore45? thanks!
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Karaoke is usually a crowd pleaser. You can arrange for a private party at a place like 'Second on Second' or 'The Muse'. I believe both serve food as well as cocktails.

I know karaoke is not for everyone, but usually after a few drinks, the secret karaoke-lover in most people comes out!
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Response by poster: tis true, missjamielynn, tis true...shall consider it!
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